Real Estate Attorneys

Residential and commercial real estate transactions in Florida require a technical understanding of the law to secure your investment, take advantage of tax savings, and protect yourself from potential litigation or disputes.

It is essential to make sure that you enter into a real estate transaction or negotiation with the benefit and aid of a knowledgeable attorney to advise and guide you. Contact the experienced real estate legal team at Arvanitakis Law Group if you are buying, selling, leasing, or litigating residential or commercial property in Tampa Bay.

Real Estate Attorney and Agent

As a convenience to our real estate clients, we are trained and certified as both a Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Associate / Agent for residential and commercial real estate transactions. We thoroughly know every side of a real estate transaction which is a major benefit to our clients.

Real Estate Law

In real estate, there are unlimited laws that are in place to protect investors, HOAs, landlords, homeowners, commercial businesses, and more. Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, or litigating a home or commercial property, we can help you write contracts, provide advice and necessary paperwork and documentation, close on the property, and, if necessary, litigate.

Mistakes or disputes involving a real estate transaction can be very costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining to deal with. When you use expert legal advice and representation, you will reduce or possibly eliminate these issues.

Purchasing a home or investing in commercial real estate property is a huge undertaking. With proper research, advice, and contracts, there is the potential for significant personal and professional rewards. Although real estate transactions can come with many risks as well. Eliminate these risks by working with a professional, experienced real estate attorney.

Here are some of the real estate transactions that we do best at Arvanitakis Law Group. We represent homeowners, homebuyers and sellers, businesses, landlords, HOAs, investors, real estate agents, and brokers in residential and commercial real estate issues, including: 

Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

HOA representation amending governing documents, revitalization of expired covenants, enforcing restrictions, filing liens, and collecting assessments.

Plaintiff’s foreclosure – we represent the HOA and prosecute the foreclosure

Private Investor Foreclosures

If an investor is not getting paid on their private mortgage, we can foreclose on the property

Homeowner or Defendant’s Foreclosure

Are you a homeowner that has missed a payment or payments on your mortgage and currently receiving foreclosure notices from your bank or mortgage company? We can represent you and defend the foreclosure process.


Owning a home while renting it out for profit can be a lucrative investment if it is done correctly. We can help you with these transactions:

  • Residential and Commercial Leases - Draft / Review
  • Evictions
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Title Companies

  • Interpleaders - we represent title companies and start an interpleader action when two parties are fighting over who gets the escrow deposit

Individuals and Businesses

We support individuals and businesses in a wide variety of real estate business:

  • Real Estate Contracts and Documents - Drafting, Review, and Negotiation
  • Leases - Residential and Commercial
  • Evictions - Residential and Commercial
  • Buy-Sell Agreements - Residential and Commercial Purchases and Sales
  • Ejectment
  • Title Issues
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Post Foreclosure Objections to Sale
  • Land Trust Agreements
  • Boundary Disputes and Property Lines
  • Probate Representation on Inheritance Properties to Clear Title
  • Post-Closing Real Estate Disputes