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Are you ready for when the inevitable but so often unexpected occurs? Do you have everything in order and have no worries about what will happen to your estate once you are gone?

If you have any doubt you should be speaking with an attorney. Setting up a solid and comprehensive estate plan and strategy is the only way to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out.


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What Makes Arvanitakis Law Group the Best Estate Planning Attorney in Palm Harbor, Florida?

Dina Arvanitakis has been licensed and handling cases like these for over 20 years. She is bar-certified in Florida and also holds licenses in two other states.

Dina has experience in the real estate field along with her law experience so it gives her a full picture of what people are dealing with when they are planning their estate.

Arvanitakis Law Group helps the residents of Palm Harbor, Florida in a number of different ways. Let’s go over a few of them now.

Wills and Testaments

The first thing people think of when it comes to estate planning is your will. It’s the foundation of the entire estate plan. It gives the directives on how everything is to be split amongst all the people who were important in your life. This document also names the person you believe is responsible enough to handle the duties of being the executor of the will, or the person in charge of following through on the wishes. A will also appoint the guardian of any children who are still minors at the time of death.

To ensure that your wishes are followed your will must be filed with the court, validly executed, cover your entire estate, and offer an accurate reflection of your intentions for your estate.

We can help you make sure all of this is done in the best way possible so all is taken care of.

Learn more about our probate and estate planning services here.


If you have a sizeable estate and you want to completely take the guesswork out of the process setting up a trust is a phenomenal idea. By setting up a trust, you avoid the long and tedious probate process so your beneficiaries will receive their money and items faster than a situation with only a will.

They are also completely confidential. So, while your will goes on the public record and can be accessed by anyone who is looking, a trust never has to be revealed.

Advance Directives

These are official documents that state your wishes during a medical emergency. You can refuse life-saving measures, make determinations about when and for how long you’ll be kept alive via artificial means, and more.

Anything having to do with your medical care, in the case you were incapacitated, can be placed in an advance directive. Making sure these are legally and validly executed takes so much pressure off the family and friends who will suffer from making these decisions if you haven’t made a plan. If everyone knows your wishes there is no guesswork.

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Unfortunately, death is an inevitable process. All you can do is make the process more simple for everyone involved. By doing adequate estate planning you’re giving your family a gift so they don’t have to deal with the paperwork and can focus on their grief instead.

Are you looking for an attorney in Palm Harbor? Would you like to start the process of planning your estate?

Look no further than Arvanitakis Law Group.

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